When He Was Born, He Was Only Given Days To Live. He Recently Celebrated His Second Birthday.

When Jaxon Strong was born without a large part of his skull, his doctors warned his parents that he would likely only have a few days to live. Jaxon, however, just recently celebrated his second birthday.

Jaxon Strong was born with microhydranencephaly, a rare brain condition that meant he was born without most of his skull and would inevitably grow up with developmental problems.

The cause of this condition isn’t always possible to track, but doctors suspect it occurs after a particular gene gets mutated. Most children born with a form of anecephaly are either stillborn, or die not long after birth.

After Jaxon was born weighing only four pounds, and with this condition, his doctors only gave him a few days to live.

His mother, Brittany Buell, was “devastated,” but refused to give up on her son. She created a Facebookpage for her son, as well as a GoFundMe page to raise money for Jaxon’s medical bills. Many people – family, friends, and strangers – have all donated to the cause, helping the Strong family raise over $50,000.

With this monetary support and the care of world-class doctors, Jaxon has long out-lived his doctors’ predictions.

On August 27, 2016, he celebrated his 2nd birthday with people from all across the globe.

Jaxon’s parents shared photos and posts of their family celebration on their Facebook page – complete with shots of Jaxon swimming in the pool, as well as his pirate-themed birthday cake.

Instead of having any guests or international attendees send Jaxon gifts, the Buells asked everyone to send toiletries, canned food, and other household supplies that could be donated to the Buell’s local women’s shelter.

Not long after the family’s happy celebration, they also announced the publication of their book, Don’t Blink, which documents the Buells’ experience while “raising and caring for a child with special needs.”

The Buells are hoping that Jaxon’s supporters will continue to support the Jaxon Strong Foundation to help raise awareness and fundraise for neurological research, and that they (as well as everyone else) can celebrate many more years of life with Jaxon.