Five Siblings From Kansas Have Been Put Up For Adoption. Their Appeal To Find A Family Has Been Met With A Shocking Response.

This past weekend, workers at the Kansas Children’s Service League put out an ad for five siblings looking to be adopted into a new home. They had no idea what the response would be. Here’s what actually happened.

Five adorable siblings in Kansas are looking for a new home. Corey Lada, a worker at the Kansas Children’s Service League put out a “Family wanted” appeal in The Kansas City Star this past weekend, hoping to find a set of adoptive parents who would want to keep the siblings together.

The siblings range in age from two to 11. Bradley, the eldest, is a music lover and a soccer player. Younger brother, Preston, enjoys being outdoors with animals. Middle child Layla likes dancing hip hop and hopes to become a vet. Landon loves Pokemon cards and racing with his brothers. The youngest, Olive, is an energetic two-year-old who loves to be cuddled.

Not all siblings are kept together through the adoption process, and the kids are currently being held in separate homes, so the Service League made a point of making this request clear – which they knew could deter many hopeful parents.

This was exactly the opposite problem.

Over the weekend, the siblings’ appeal caught the attention of families all over the country. The voice mailbox of the Service League was flooded with hundreds of messages until it was full, and their email inbox had 1,500 responses by Monday morning.

“This is a viral response … and it’s pretty insane,” Lada remarked. “In 13-plus years of working here I’ve seen nothing like this. Nothing.”

The story itself also had over 4 million clicks.

Come Monday, the siblings’ appeal had been taken offline so the staff could begin to properly sort through all the responses they had and identify if any of these parents would be a good fit for these five kids.

“It’s a great crisis to have,” Lada said – though she knows many interested, hopeful parents will be upset their calls and emails will only come with delayed responses.

The Service League is currently filtering through all the responses, replying to parents out of state by indicating that the siblings hope to stay together in Kansas.

Other adults involved in foster care programs are equally thrilled at the enthusiasm for adopting this sweet family, but they also expressed their concerns. Foster kids might have a great deal of trauma in their pasts. Prospective parents must be ready to handle that.

“Multiply [this] by five and that’s asking a lot,” said one staffer. “But that bond between siblings is the strongest thing they’ve got when parents are gone. My hope is that people expressing interest genuinely want to see these children kept together.”

We hope that these five sweet siblings will be able to find a forever home together soon.