Mom Rushes Home After Seeing Video Of Her Babysitter Doing THIS…

The power of social media helps one mother find out how her babysitter is treating her infant, causing her to rush home to save her child and fire the sitter. Read on to get the full story.

One mother in Greenwood, Indiana, simply couldn’t stand by when she saw a woman mistreating a 7-month-old infant at a local splash pad.

Desiree Howell had been at the waterpark with her own children at the time when she noticed another woman’s abusive behavior. Howell immediately recorded the worst of the abuse: the woman had placed the baby directly beneath the stream of an overhanging water bucket, allowing the heavy outpouring of water fall straight onto the infant’s head.

As can be seen in the video, the baby shrieks in response before the sitter roughly grabs her and takes her away.

Unfortunately, Howell noted in the comments of her video that this wasn’t the extent of the abuse. Before Howell recorded and shared the video, the babysitter “was making the baby walk barefoot” on pavement that Howell, herself, had deemed was too hot for her or her children’s bare feet. Afterward, the sitter took the baby to the swing set and pushed the infant so high that she was “being jerked and crying her eyes out.”

The moment recorded in the video came after all of these incidents.

Howell ultimately recorded and posted the video to her Facebook, hoping that the video would find its way to the mother of the baby, and proceeded to call the cops.

Thankfully, mother Brittany Dixson did discover the video within a couple hours and rushed over to the splash park to rescue her daughter. The sitter was immediately fired, and Dixson brought her daughter, Annora, to the doctors. Annora is currently doing fine, but doctors worry that she may have experienced a “dry drowning” at the splash park.

Dixson has since hired a new babysitter for her child, and the name of the original sitter has not been released. The woman has also not been arrested, despite Howell calling the police at the time of the incident, but this case has been sent to the Indiana Department of Child Services for further investigation.