A Young Couple Is Mysteriously Found Dead In Their Apartment, Their Dinner Completely Untouched

Courtney and Cameron Hudlet were found dead on the floor of their apartment late Tuesday night. Investigators still haven’t determined the cause of the couple’s death.

In Dundee, Michigan, a couple was found dead on their apartment floor.

Courtney Hulet, 20, and her husband, Cameron Hulet, 28, had apparently sat down at their dining table to eat their dinner of Taco Bell when both collapsed.

When a neighbor stopped by the apartment at about 9 pm on Tuesday night, she thought the couple had simply fallen asleep on the floor. Courtney was lying face-down, Cameron was lying on his side.

The neighbor left then, opting to leave the couple in peace.

After almost three hours, the neighbor returned to check in. Courtney and Cameron were lying in the exact same places they had been during her previous visit.

That was when the neighbor phoned the police.

Courtney and Cameron Hudlet were declared dead.

Police investigation discovered a pound of marijuana sitting on the kitchen table, but it appeared unused. It seemed the couple was preparing to repackage and sell the marijuana themselves. The Hulets’ Taco Bell dinner was sitting nearby.

Thus far, the investigations haven’t been able to reveal the couple’s cause of death. There were no signs of trauma on either person’s body, nor were there signs of forced entry or a third party having been involved in foul play that led to the couple’s death.

“It’s really a puzzle,” Dave Uhl, Dundee Village Manager, said. “There is no indication as to what happened. It’s a mystery.”

The couple has moved several times in the past months, and Cameron Hulet has had a 10-year-long history of criminal charges, but police are uncertain if these factors led to the couple’s death.

The Dundee Police has ensured that the two young children who were found in the Hulets’ apartment have been placed with Child Protective Services.

Medical examiners will be completing autopsies and toxicology tests on the bodies to determine the cause of death in the coming days.