It Was Too Dangerous To Remove At Home, So She Went To The Doctor To Have This Cyst Removed

Article originally published on eHealthWire.
Photo Copyright © 2016 Lila W. YouTube | September 1st 2016

Everyone on the internet seems to want to outdo the next person by filming and posting the most disgusting medical footage they can find.

Videos of people getting pimples popped became commonplace, so some graduated to blackhead extractions – from their bellybuttons.

If this still isn’t disgusting enough for your taste, there’s now a ten-minute video of a woman removing a giant, yellow cyst from her boyfriend’s face.

The entire procedure called for a scalpel, tongs, scissors, and a lot of pressure.

A dermatologist has commented on the video, confirming that the video does show an actual cyst (not just an acne cyst) being removed. The procedure is generally too difficult and dangerous for people to attempt at home, and best left for doctors in medical offices.

In order for a true cyst to be removed, the painless lump must be cut open and all the buildup inside – protein cells, which end up forming a thick substance called keratin that smells like bad cheese – removed.

Because the process is generally quite painful, doctors give their patients local anesthesia before the procedure, to ensure they can get all of the buildup out, lest it cause problems in the future.

You can watch the original video here, if you’re feeling up to it: