Trancos, Inc.

Trancos, Inc. is a media publishing and marketing company that produces daily, engaging content for a predominantly female audience. Half our visitors fall between the ages 18 and 54, and just as many are returning customers. Our company focuses on bringing stories about ordinary people around the world to our audience members in easily comprehensible and consumable articles. The company owns several online properties, all of which target a different lifestyle demographic.

When I began working for Trancos as a Content Writer, our company’s strategy was to produce clickbait type articles with fitting headlines and Facebook copy. After Facebook’s first began to change its Newsfeed algorithms in late June 2016, we changed our approach to ensure our article performance and traffic wouldn’t be negatively affected.

Instead of marketing our content with headlines and copy that purposefully withhold information, our writing team now aims to captivatingly convey the most unique angle of the articles we write. Our goal is to engage just as many viewers as we did before the algorithm change — and within a month of the change, we accomplished precisely that.

Alongside the articles I produced, I also helped the company create and produce social media content to share on our Facebook and Instagram profiles. My primary responsibility was to write the copy for any and all visual content — including videos, gifs, and graphics — that were then viewed and shared by an average of 60k people.



HealthyPage is one of Trancos’ four largest online properties. The domain features viral content regarding diet, nutrition, fitness, and health. Many of these stories are about everyday people and their health struggles and successes. From June 2006 to February 2017, I served as this site’s sole Content Writer. Each of the eight articles I wrote each … Continue reading HealthyPage


When I began working at Trancos in June 2016, eHealthWire was one of the most recently acquired online properties. eHealthWire, was meant to be a resource dedicated to connecting our existing audience with content on food and dietary trends, research on nutrition and fitness, as well as food news. I established the brand voice for … Continue reading eHealthWire


Beginning in November 2016, after Trancos decided to stop publishing content on eHealthWire, and through February 2017, I produced content for KeyRecipes. KeyRecipes is a site dedicated to simple, quick recipes compiled from other food bloggers across the internet. Crockpot recipes performed the best, but I also did my best to keep the content fresh … Continue reading KeyRecipes


In February 2017, I stopped writing for KeyRecipes. Trancos was looking into developing different types of content across new social media platforms, and my supervisor recruited me to help produce this quick-turnaround content as our company tested different mediums and gauged which ones performed best. Much of this new content was published on WorthSharingIt, a … Continue reading WorthSharingIt