7 Healthy Smoothies That Are Better Than Dessert

Article originally published on Spoon University.
And they’re coming soon to a campus near you… | September 28, 2015 | Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

As the fall semester drags on and the heat continues to swell, it gets progressively more difficult to find the energy to go to the grocery store and make healthy meals for yourself. Don’t get down on yourself — we feel your pain, too.

Fortunately, an innovator of a very simple solution will be stopping by Cal in less than two weeks to provide all of us with fantastic solutions: smoothies.


Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters, Instagram

Food blogger Tess Masters, otherwise known as The Blender Girl, will be making fresh smoothies from 12 pm-1 pm on Friday, October 2, next to Sather Gate.

Hungry (or thirsty?) for more? Here are some of her favorite recipes to hold you over until then:

1. Liquid Strawberries and Cream

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

According to the Blender Girl herself, this smoothie can be so decadent that it tastes just like the real deal it’s named after.

2. Sweet Potato Pie Smoothie

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

If you’re craving pie but feeling too lazy to bake (we’re blaming the heat on this one), this smoothie will give you the perfect compromise — chilled and simple.

3. Chai Tai Smoothie

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

We’re already falling in love with Tess’ description of this concoction: “The incredible creaminess and blend of warm spices will make you weak in the knees.”

4. Rosemary Melonade Smoothie

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

This one’s for the under-21s, or the broke over-21s. The exotic blend of ingredients will allow you to feel like you’re sipping a cocktail, but help you avoid the alcohol — and the bar tab.

5. Tastes-Like-Caramel Creamy Greeny

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

We’re generally a bit wary of the “green smoothie” idea, but somehow we’re intrigued by the thought that a blend of fruit can end up tasting like…caramel?

6. Awesome Apple Pie in a Glass

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

Put those extra apples to good use with this recipe that’s “practically perfect in every way.” With a blend of ingredients that make for a creamy, sweet smoothie with a hint of cinnamon, this smoothie will indubitably become your PSL stand-in.

7. Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream Kale Shake

Photo Courtesy of Tess Masters

Tess got inspiration for this recipe from an award-winning cafe in LA, and she hasn’t thought to change it since. Maybe we’ll make sure this one’s thoroughly chilled before we take a sip…

Craving one of these smoothies now? Be sure to stop by our event with the Blender Girl, Tess Masters, on Friday, October 2 from 12 pm-1pm by Sather Gate to try one out yourself.

Tess will also be hosting a taste talk from 5 pm-6 pm that evening in 20 Barrows, where you can also hear her share the story behind her blog and take home some smoothie-making tips to try for yourself.