When You Give Cal Bears a Bake Sale

Article originally published on Spoon University.
They’ll definitely ask for another out of their love for baked goods. | March 18, 2015 | Photo by Luna Zhang

This Tuesday, March 17, Spoon University at Berkeley put on its very first bake sale in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Team members took shifts from 10 am to 3 pm to sell homemade baked goods, all for less than $1, to Berkeley students on their way to and from class and local residents strolling through campus.

Photo by Luna Zhang

Despite hectic schedules packed with midterms and papers, the entire Spoon team helped chip in every step of the way. Our resilient members scattered across Berkeley to various dorm and apartment kitchens to bake brownies, brownie cookies, s’mores cookies and M&M Rice Krispies as well as make candy bags—all appropriately themed for the holiday with mint M&M’s peeking out from each item.

Photo by Luna Zhang

The crowd favorite – and the first good to sell out – was an exclusive pan of our Triple Decadence Brownies. These brownies weren’t simply topped with two mint M&M’s. They were also garnished with a fresh raspberry apiece. Jocelyn Hsu eagerly gushed about her purchase, “The brownies with raspberries were so good. The raspberry was the perfect touch because it was a bit sour and juicy in contrast with the rich chocolate.”

The bake sale peaked around lunchtime when Spoon members, their friends and passerby alike all found themselves craving a bite of sweets to polish off their lunches.

Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

Although there was plenty of competition that day with at least three other bake sales occurring simultaneously on Sproul Plaza, Spoon ended the day feeling tired, but successful. Not only did we end up selling out most of our goods, but we also managed to distribute many prizes to the winners of our #FoodsofBerkeley photo contest.

Photo by Luna Zhang

From all of us at Spoon University at Berkeley, we would like to extend our thanks to those of you who helped make our first bake sale a success. An extra shout out goes to those of you who stopped by our table after seeing our event page on Facebook. It is with great hope that we will see you all again – and share even more baked goods with you – in the future.

Want to help us decide what to make for our next bake sale? Check out these homemade, Spoon-approved goods: