Spoon University

Spoon University is an online food publication by college students, for college students. The goal of the site is to serve as an “everyday food resource for our generation, on a mission to make food make sense.”

Originally founded in 2012 by Mackenzie Barth and Sarah Adler, two students at Northwestern University, Spoon University has grown over the past four years to include more than 150 college campuses and 5,000 contributors worldwide. Each college chapter has a unique team based on campus consisting of writers, editors, photographers, and business team members.

Everyone helps produce content for their unique chapter site, promotes Spoon University’s online presence, and hosts events on their respective campuses. On the site, visitors can find articles of varying topics connecting college students with food. Common article subjects include local restaurant reviews, dining hall hacks, food events, healthy eating or grocery shopping tips, study abroad recommendations, and personal stories.

The UC Berkeley chapter was founded in Winter 2013 by Elizabeth Layman and Jocelyn Hsu. I first joined Spoon University at Berkeley in Fall 2014 as a team writer. When Elizabeth stepped down as Editor-in-Chief at the end of the year, I took over the position and held it through 2015.

My work for Spoon University covers a wide array of topics, ranging from recipes to restaurant reviews,  on-campus event coverage and healthy eating tips. Some of my favorite pieces to write were the articles that discussed healthy eating tips: “5 Essential Food Pairings for Every College Student,” “4 Simple Health Foods to Introduce to Your Diet,” and “How To Actually Start Eating Better.” Since September 2016, my articles have earned over 136k unique page views.

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