Confetti Kitchen

Confetti Kitchen is a “culinary media company” dedicated to reintroducing our generation to the basics of cooking. The site includes original recipes developed, tested, and styled by team members; kitchen tool and ingredient tips; and also interviews of restaurant owners, chefs, and other food experts. Confetti Kitchen is “on a mission to help you unlock your inner cook for a healthier and happier life.”

A catchphrase that’s often read around the site and heard among our team is “Always basic. Never boring.” Because Confetti Kitchen aims to encourage millennials (and members of other generations) to find more opportunities to cook and understand food, the site simultaneously strives to keep this within reason. Just as many of our team members don’t have time to cook overly-elaborate meals, we don’t write content that’s too extravagant or produce recipes that require too many ingredients or too much time.

Founded by Cynthia Samanian in 2016, Confetti Kitchen is a San Francisco-based food startup made up of a team that hails not just from the Bay Area, but also other parts of the States, like Savannah, Georgia and Brooklyn, New York. I first met Cynthia in February 2016 and have been working with her since. Thus far, I’ve helped Cynthia copyedit the site before it went live in August 2016 and have two articles published on the site so far.